Take Heart Inc.

The Problem

Sometimes in life we learn lessons the hard way, such was true for me not too long ago when my father was in need of a transplant. I quickly learned the importance of organ donation as the statistics regarding it were very frightening. It was then that I decided I would take this tragic time and turn it into something positive. There are many myths and misunderstandings about organ donation and people simply do not know much and are not well educated on the subject. Around 6,600 people died in 2008 while waiting for a transplant. 14,000 people who meet the criteria to donate die each year, and less then half of them are organ donors. Eighteen people die each day waiting for organ donations. I thought to myself if only there was a way to spread knowledge about this topic and erase the many myths and misunderstandings that exist about organ donation and raise the number of donors. I then thought who, if not me, and when if not now! Then began a life changing and life fulfilling journey entailing a lot of hard work, many awareness events, and the eventual incorporation of the organization as an official 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

Plan of Action

In 2008 I decided to incorporate the organization as an official government recognized nonprofit. Since then we have made plans for a variety of fundraisers, events, a new website, new merchandise, and much more! Along with educating the communities around us, we have also created online communities that can reach across states and nations such as Facebook and Myspace. Many people that are in these online communities have volunteered to help out with the organization and bring awareness to those around them and within their own communities. At events we have gotten hundreds of donor cards signed and raised thousands of dollars which we have donated to Donate Life, a fellow organization that we have been working with to raise awareness. Our next step to raise awareness and connect with those within our community is to create a poster campaign showing both the positive and negative sides of organ donation (or lack thereof). While my father survived, a supporter of the organization's father passed away while waiting for a transplant. The poster will include a picture of my father and I as well as a picture of Susanne, our friend, with a photo of her father with the words "ORGAN DONATION MATTERS" in between. After releasing the first poster we intend to encourage others to submit pictures of them with a survivor or someone who has passed away while waiting or has donated their organs to save another. We would also like to post their stories with the poster so that they may share their experience with others. We feel that this campaign will really help put a face on the cause and help connect those in the community with the cause.

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