Take Our Schools Back

The Problem

The Oakland Public School District is in dire need of attention. The students "Go Dumb!", the faculty makes little money, and the drop out rate is atrocious. I am a Junior at Oakland Tech. My colleagues and I are creating a tour to gain the attention of the students and the attention of the adults. Not just any tour, but one that goes from each of the Oakland Public High Schools to raise awareness about the issues within our schools. The two big messages are "Stay in School" (1. To keep money coming into the district and 2. To get a good education one needs to be in class everyday.) and "Take Back Our Schools" (1. The district from the state. and 2. Bring back the budget for the schools... less for prisons more for schools... California is lowering the public school budget 10% next year). The tour will consist of assemblies within each Oakland Public High School (the ones below) and a special event at the Oakland City Center. We are trying to get famous, local Hip-Hop artists that are alumni of the school to come back to their school and do a quick assembly with a few songs, but mostly the positive message "Take Back Our Schools!" Skyline - Hieroglyphics Oakland Tech - Mistah F.A.B. Oakland High - The Coup Fremont - Too $hort Castlemont - Keak da Sneak Mack - Hammer At the end of the tour we would like to gather all of the students at the city center with each of the artists performing for a big concert/protest. Each of the students will represent their school by wearing their school colors. It will be with food and sodas and dancing and fun. Please help us fund this peaceful event.

Plan of Action

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