Education! the Alternative to Crime

Official Project

The Problem

Where I live, in Venezuela, the government does not offer any kind of supplementation for education, none. So, if someone wants to go to college they either must pay to attend an expensive private institution or they must have incredibly good grades in order to be accepted to attend one of the public universities. In order to edge this crippling of members of the poor community who ultimately turn to crime as an alternative to satisfy their needs, we seek to provide technical skills training. We would seek to accept individuals based on desire and not solely based on grades or collective GPA as all other institutions here do so that members of the community who have 'slipped through the cracks' so to speak can have an opportunity to make an honest living.

Plan of Action

We want to open tech schools across the country that can provide high school and elementary school drop-outs with a means to make a living by training as seamstresses, auto mechanics, computer technicians, air conditioning repairpeople, bakers, shoe repair people, nursing assistants, language teachers, home care assistants, nannies, office assistants, store clerks, security guards, etc. We have decided it's possible to offer these types certificate programs here through the use of grants or internship. For example, you can train with our program for free but will work within our organization for the first three years post graduation (receiving quality pay and social benefits) before you can branch out on your own or open your own business.

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