Teaching Ultimate Frisbee to kids with Aspergers

The Problem

There are a good number of kids with Asperger's that attend my high school. A few friends and I started an Ultimate Frisbee club, and invited many of them to play. They came, and loved it, as we loved teaching them the game. For many of the Asperger's kids, this was a unique oppurtunity to get involved in after school sports without the risk of being ridiculed or made fun of. A safe, happy, fun after school sport turned in to a place for kids with Aspergers to be accepted.

Plan of Action

Really, we just started it off as something fun to do after school. Once it had started, we knew a few of the Asperger's kid, who routinely went straight home after school and invited them to come with us. We taught them all that they don't have to be made fun of just because they are disable or different.

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