Team B.R.A.T

The Problem

Native Americans have a much greater chance of developing diabetes than the general population. We are trying to decrease childhood obesity and the development of diabetes for Navajo students in grades k-8 at Cottonwood Day School on the Navajo Reservation near Chinle, Arizona.

Plan of Action

Our plan is to continue our established Team B.R.A.T. (Bicycling Roads And Trails on the Navajo Nation) program. With twenty bikes that we have aquired over the last several years, we have developed an after-school bicycling program for students in grades 6-8. After classroom safety training, students ride several afternoons each week. Bike rides average ten miles to fifteen miles. We also participant in area organizied rides such as the annual Navajo Nation Special Diabetes Project Ride from the Four Directions. We do nutrition activities for all grade levels that range from education to preparing healthful foods that fuel activites.

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