Team Dominican Republic

The Problem

The purpose of Team DR is to help very poor communities in the Dominican Republic. this team make investigations and plans of certain areas of DR in order to know what areas of the problem to address. last year was the first year doing this project and we help a community called La Catalina in where we renewed a middle school that was in very bad conditions and also a Haitian complex that was more than in bad conditions, it was collapsing.

Plan of Action

this project was created by a group of students and teachers and the steps we took were basically, throwing ideas, organizing them, recruit people into the project and then do the fund raising activities individually and as a group. at first people wanted to participate but sometimes they gave up because of the fund raising activities between other, because to be part of the team one have to show commitment. people liked the idea of a group of people traveling and whiling to help other communities around the world.

Find a Campaign