"Team Rev's Hip Hop Life"

The Problem

My name is Syreeta Gates, I am 19 years old from Jamaica, Queens, and am in the process of becoming a Team Revolution fellow. To become a fellow there are a number of things that have to be completed. The goal of becoming a fellow is to be a Social Entrepreneur, Expansion Leader or a Program Director. I want to change history with the organization. I currently completed their fashion business program in which we work with POLO Ralph Lauren. For my community service project I am doing a “Team Rev’s Hip Hop LIFE” Project. This project will consist of a Public Service Announcement, Murals all around New York City, and a Conference(May 12,2007). This project will be completed through out the entire year of 2007. Hip-Hop has always been a foundation in my life, so it was only a matter of time before I created something to change the look of an important element in my life. The purpose of "Team Rev’s Hip-Hop Life" is to educate individuals on how the hip hop culture has changed lives. In part, they have to understand that hip hop is a lifestyle used to open doors for other realms and aspects of the world in a influential way.In response of the event, all the resources and funding will be given to Team Revolution and other numerous non-profit organizations that are providing programming and encouraging youth that through service they will change their communities. “Team Rev’s Hip Hop LIFE” Project: 1)Public Service Announcements - get influential people to speak about: -community service in hip hop -hip hop role models 2)Murals - put inspirational images and messages on walls in communities around NYC 3)Conference (May 12,2007)- teach people about lessons dealing with the hip hop culture by influence people in those specific areas. The conference the lessons are: Fashion and Photography The Arts and The Music Business Entrepreneurship in Hip Hop and Community service Media in hip hop and History in hip hop

Plan of Action

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