The Problem

TEAR, which stands for Teens Experiencing Abusive Relationships is an organization fully run by teens. Our main goal is dating violence prevention through education. Since society often overlooks the fact that teens can experience abusive relationships, our mission is to educate society about the complexities and seriousness of violent dating relationships. We carry out this mission through presentations, distributing flyers and other materials, and participating in events such as fairs and charity events. Awareness is the key.We aim to decrease the number of violent dating relationships by educating the teens before the problem occurs. TEAR had a vision that if teen dating abuse is taught early enough, it will stop this ever growing epidemic of violence in society. TEAR hopes through education and our personal experiences, we can reach out to as many teens as possible.TEAR spreads awareness to educate the community about what a violent relationship is, how to look out for an abusive relationship, how to escape an unhealthy relationship, and much more. We are inspired to help victims gain enough courage to leave dangerous relationships when they are ready, and educate friends and family members to play a supporting role for the victim during this time. The most important aspect of leaving an abusive relationship is the victim's support system, so we help educate society as a whole so that everyone can take a role in preventing abuse.TEAR's strength is having lived through teen dating violence first hand, whether it's seeing it from a victim's eyes or knowing how dating violence affects those surrounded by the victim. We have gone through our experiences to help others get the strength and courage to live free from fear and abuse.The advantage of being teenagers ourselves, helps us connect with students on a personal level, and enables them to see that dating abuse is a reality. In addition, by educating parents and sharing our personal experiences, they can begin to be aware that it can happen to their children as well.

Plan of Action

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