Technology Access for Community Organizations

Official Project

The Problem

While interning at a nonprofit organization in my home town I came to realize a problem that the nonprofit industry has been talking about for a long time: nonprofit organizations tend to be behind in technological literacy. This causes them to loose time struggling to use computers as well as loosing time on tasks that can be much more quickly and easily done on a computer. A recent study by the Nonprofit Technology Network found that over half of nonprofit organizations thought they were understaffed when it came to IT (Nonprofit IT Staffing, 2006). Sadly small organizations have even more difficultly with technology, many not being able to afford any sort of technology help. Nonprofit Technology Network’s study also found that 20% of small nonprofits have absolutely no IT budget (Nonprofit IT Staffing, 2006). Another study by them found that almost 50% of small nonprofit organization thought that they were “behind the curve” or “in trouble” when it came to technology (Nonprofit IT Staffing, 2008). It is these small community based organizations that can not afford IT training that we want to focus on.

Plan of Action

We are still in the beginning stages of our project. We are writing the scripts for our first set of videos and will began recording as soon as we raise enough money to get all the equipment we need.

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