Teen Center for St.Clair-Superior MYCOM YLC Youth Festival

The Problem

we noticed that alot of teens in our community do not have an outlet to go to outside of school, far are rec centers and ect, what were want to do is build a teen center inside of a very local historic building inside the area that alot of the kids already know and love. it would be perfect we want to have things such as peers tutoring other peers in the subjects they know good and have a room where they are allowed to come and eat and play board games get some electronics that they can use such as wii's and maybe some other game systems, we would like to make proggrams runned by respondsible youth as well as make sure our times are convienient for them to come afterschool or out of school time rather. have them paint up the center in nice vibrant colors to help stimulate the brain of the children/teens ages 12-19 as well.

Plan of Action

apply for may grants doing fundraisers to raise money for the center to get plenty of volunteers from local community give the word out about the project were doing and get more teens involved

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