Teen Dropouts

The Problem

Teen Dropout is about helping teens get back into school for learning more. Also not just for regular teens ; teens with emotional distress, mental/emotional, and homeless teens too. My team and I want to help teens to graduate and get there education out also not to be on the streets, jail, or dead. Teens need to be in school not doing anything wrong but learning. I'm doing this project with close members & friends they are, Katy Grimes, Destiny Jackson, Jayda Egg Smith, Kaitline Reynolds, and Conner Bean-man. Also my East teacher, Mrs. Endlsey.

Plan of Action

Our action plan is to tell teens that it is not right to dropout of High School, because I'm in High School myself and of course I want to keep my education going. So my team and I are starting a program that tells teens ages 13 and up that is not right to dropout yet. Graduate and get out your education it's not hard.

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