Teens Against Careless Driving

The Problem

My sister and I have developed a myspace site call "Teens Against Careless Driving". We promote safe driving by sending messages and bulletins to teens.

Plan of Action

We have almost 16,000 teen friends acrossed the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Our site contains videos of unsafe driving practices that get the teens attention. We then send them safe driving tips and information on driving schools. We also do a few fun things like listing our Top Friends every week. On the serious side we have memorial areas where the teens can honor their lost friends and loved ones.

Project Updates

10/20/07-To date we have had 250 plus views of our videos. We will be adding more videos very shortly and expect to have thousands of views. This will be an on going project. We expect to have nearly 50 videos when completed. To date we have had two teens and two adults working the project. We are working to involve more teens in the project. The current videos give an introduction on the basics of the car operation and how to parallel park. Both should begin to make drivers safer drivers.

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