Teens For Jeans

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

No reinvention of the wheel here, The Good Wins Volunteers are using the Do Something resources to just jump into this worthy campaign. For the educational piece, the vols are placing stats on homeless teens in the school bulletin, teen homeless information on flyers around the school and an article in the newspaper. They have set a goal to collect 1,000 pair of jeans. To reach this goal, vols have made deals with teachers to wear ugly denim romper dresses for a week after the 1,000 jeans are collected. Vols also spoke with the business community to become drop off points and offer a discount when people bring in jeans. For example, our movie theatre is giving discounted tickets. You can also receive discounts into sporting events when you donate your jeans. The vols have added to their awareness campaign with eye catching collection boxes decorated with denim and eye opening information about our homeless teens.

Plan of Action

We described our plan above! :)

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