Teens for Jeans

The Problem

There are many teenagers in need of suitable clothing, like jeans for protection in severe weather or school uniform. The Teens for Jeans event was arranged in the winter, where the weather was cold and thick clothing was necessary. In that kind of atmosphere, we could easily place ourselves in their shoes and imagine living through the chilly season without the right clothing. With this in mind, we all learned the importance of owning a pair of jean. Our school is hoping to lend a helping hand to the ones who are in need at our community, neighborhood, and homeland.

Plan of Action

Along with several other clubs at our school, we held a jean drive to accept donations. This event was the first school-wide project that our club held and was very significant to every single member. For the past few weeks during lunch, our club set up tables with boxes to advertise and placed decorated boxes in multiple teachers' classrooms to collect the jeans. We had the chance to know each other (club member) better and help other teenagers by giving them a simple gift that can be extremely useful. The San Gabriel Do Something Club will be looking forward to similar events with passion.

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