Tethered by Letters

The Problem

In today's literary industry, new writers--especially young writers--struggled to publish their works. Although there are many great books about writing, most emerging writers need individual attention to improve their skill, a feat that is too difficult and expensive for most. However, mastering their craft is only part of the battle. Even those who have incredible talent face a difficult paradox where one needs an agent to publish but also needs published work to find an agent. This leaves many writers unable to make a living in their chosen field and to share their stories with the world.

Plan of Action

To combat these issues, Tethered by Letters has created a nonprofit literary journal, specializing in publishing unsolicited authors (authors who do not already have an agent). For those who are struggling to publish, we also offer free individualized edits to all writers who submit to our journal (even if they are not selected for publication), articles about the industry, literary contest lists, and an active international community of writers and editors to network and grow from. Additionally, in our forums, we host a best-selling writer every month who donates their time to answering our members questions, giving our writers the unique opportunity to learn from leaders in the industry. Through our organization, our goal is to help as many writers as possible achieve their dreams of publication. Once they publish in our journal, we continue to help writers build their publishing platforms (the experience needed to snag an agent) and eventually guide them through the process of selling larger works (like novels, screenplays, and memoirs). By giving free, individual attention, an informative community, and an open-minded publishing outlet, Tethered by Letters hopes to encourage and nurture emerging literary voices, helping writers around the globe to achieve their dreams of professional writing.

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