The Art of School

Official Project

The Problem

The problem I am trying to solve is that of the epidemic of apathy toward academic success. Many of my high school peers value their academics significantly lower than sports, girls, partying, and other things. While those things are fun, academic success is one of the most powerful investments in their future. I want to make balanced academic achievement once again a priority for my generation.

Plan of Action

I have spent around eight months researching, developing, and refining my project to equip students for incredible academic achievement. I have presented it to several administrators at my school, I have had it checked and edited, I have presented it to a small body of students as a test-run, and I have maintained a blog about bits and pieces of the material. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a presentation I will make for the entirety of my school on the subject of academic achievement. I plan to begin private consultation with students and much, much more.

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