The Baltimore Renaissance Foundation

The Problem

Young entrepreneurs and leaders, this the opportunity of a lifetime! The Baltimore Renaissance Foundation is a nonprofit organization sponsoring a social entrepreneurship incubator for young people ages 16-24. Our flagship program, SPDI (Student Professional Development Initiative), helps students start a community business venture in their neighborhood. SPDI is a hands-on, interactive program where young people become real-life CEOs. Students in the program develop a business concept that serves a need in their community, develop a budget and business plan, and create advertising campaigns, prepare press releases, give presentations for potential benefactors and investors, and become fully engaged in the real-life responsibilities of an organizational leader. Students in SPDI create a real, working business venture. This is not a simulation or a business plan writing seminar. The Foundation brings in local business executives to train our students how to be successful entrepreneurs. We teach leadership and management skills, grantwriting, basic accounting, and business communication. At The Baltimore Renaissance Foundation, we don't just talk about leadership, we practice it and make a real difference in our communities. Our student entrepreneurs leave the six-month program as the president or executive director of their own organizations. While your friends are working at the mall, you could be the head of your own corporation - and transforming your community. Call us to find out how!

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