The Community Cafe

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The Problem

I started a soup kitchen, The Community Café, as part of a National Honor Society project.  I found a location, a food source, and an abundant supply of volunteers.  The Community Café began serving meals once a week in December of 2006 with an attendance of 12 people.  Today, free, hot meals are served five days a week to an average of 60 people each night.  The Community Café has served over 8,500 meals since its start.  In addition to providing food, The Community Café offers social time for families and seniors and encourages building positive relationships through a restaurant style atmosphere in which clients are served by the volunteers.  While many people in need leave with full stomachs and a light heart, I leave bursting with joy, even though I see the problems in our society.  In addition to helping the hungry, The Community Café has united my community.  Several civic and religious organizations have come together to support one cause.  I am amazed at the impact my idea has made on the lives of clients, volunteers, and most of all, myself.  My idea has blossomed and helps so many.  The Community Café is operated completely by volunteers and is now, virtually self-sustainable.

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