The Decatur Dream Center

The Problem

Have you ever heard of the Decatur Dream Center? It is an organization that helps the low income families in the Decatur area. The organization has many volunteer opportunities. Some of the things that the dream center does for the families are the following: haircuts, food, clothes, school supplies, small handy work, and mowing the yard for elderly people. The Dream Center is supported financially by Calvary Assembly of God in Decatur, Alabama. The Dream Center has another purpose [to.[too.] It is also a drug rehab for ladies. This has four phases in it and is a yearlong program. The Dream Center also hosts many other activities. Some of them are English as a Second Language, counseling, and children’s events. As I was volunteering at the Dream Center I noticed some children that came in. They looked like they did not have anything to call their own. When they left they each had a toy, clothes, and food. You would never believe that there are people like that in Decatur but there are.

Plan of Action

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