The Emily Downey "Chair-Ity" Fundraiser

Official Project

The Problem

My project is a fundraiser and an auction designed to raise money for teenagers in need. It could be used to help them with anything from losing parents, losing a friend, or just helping them be able to experience college. I want to help solve the incredible emptyness that occurs when a loved one leaves by doing whatever I can to make it easier.

Plan of Action

When I was 15 years old, my best friend died suddenly after being involved in an ATV accident. This changed my entire perspective on life. When the one-year anniversiarry was close to rolling around, I felt inspired to do something in her memory to help others. A friend and I came up with the idea of having an auction to raise money for teens in need, like Emily. We had people decorate chairs to a certain theme. For example, there was a colts chair, that has been painted blue and white, and decked out in Colts gear. I also asked for baked goods. I made flyers, and went around to all the surrounding communities distributing them. All of the proceeds from the chairs and the baked sale went into our Emily Downey Bank Account. We went through the same process this year. I think that my project has made an enormous impact, not only in my community, but in those around mine. Not only did my project impact the communites, it impacted the family of Jordan House alot.

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