The Forever Food Drive

Official Project

The Problem

Each year the local chapter of the National Honor Society (Bedford High School) hosts a winter food drive. The students get really fired up about it and bring in cans like crazy to hold the honor of the grade level winner of the food drive. Last year, we raised 6,000 cans for a school of only about 450 students! This year, we have increased our goal to 8,000 cans. The students have often commented that it is a shame we can't do this for more than just Christmas because people are hungry all year round aren't they? Our idea was to have a year long food drive with a different incentive each month. The incentive might be a dance with a one can admittance or a private showing movie with a one can admittance. With our limited finances, we can only afford to offer an incentive once per year. The organization would like to make it the food drive that keeps on giving! The cans collected would go to the local food bank that offers food once per month!

Plan of Action

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