The Future of Condemned Preschool

The Problem

On April 1, 2007, I went home to enjoy some quiet time with my family but that was interrupted when community members came by to vent about the local pre-school to my father, so my dad and I went to check it out. But after the visit we decided to hold off until the next day for safety reasons and waited until morning. The next day we went to the Pre-School and what we found was startling. All the windows were broken, construction materials everywhere, the chalkboard had obscene spray painted on them, and in most places there were no walls. I was very upset about this and I decided there had to be a change. As a community member I could not stand the humiliation, so I took pictures and I decided to start a policy campaign to do something about the pre-school. The campaign is to raise money to tear the old pre-school down and to rebuild a new infrastructure. The city can afford it but it depends on the community to push it through.

Plan of Action

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