The Great Vine Art Foundation

The Problem

We want to revolutionize our community. Merch Underground is the new artistic apparel store, serving as a space for clothing designers, artists, and bands to showcase and sell their merchandise/artwork in Cincinnati, Ohio, near the campus of the University of Cincinnati. It was created by Shannon Powell (23 years old), and myself, Kandice Martin (21 years old), as a unique spot for inspiration and motivation of the arts, and to also initiate community projects. In coordination with the store's efforts to influence and inspire, we have founded the organization called the Great Vine; a unification of businesses on Short Vine, committed to working together to improve the conditions of our neighborhood, infected with drug-dealing. Merch Underground also carries jewelry made by the poverty and AIDS-stricken people of Mamelodi, South Africa, and the proceeds from these items are sent back to the township. Merch Underground has just opened on July 16, 2007, but we have more and bigger plans we want to achieve. We've had so much support, that we want to keep on moving. Of course with owning a store, living on your own, and attending the university, our funds are being sucked dry, and we are unable to hire employees. Our support has come from much appreciated volunteers of our community. This is our proposal; we are in the process of fixing up a larger room conjoined to our clothing store to be used as an art gallery and relationship space. This space will serve as a place to celebrate art, and as a meeting room for small groups to plan and execute our community projects, and build closer relationships with one another in fellowship. If we could be granted $500 to get this project completed, it would help us take one step further as being the impact in our city. Thank you for your time.

Plan of Action

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