The Likeness of Love

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The Likeness of Love is a continuing, non-profit project that helps students in the U.S. reach out to children in less fortunate countries gestures of art. Started in 2006, the Likeness of Love is a mission to provide an awareness-raising opportunity to high school students while continually practicing the appreciation of art. Our goal has been to provide children in underdeveloped countries with a sense of caring and love from others, using something more meaningful than the bills from our pockets. To expand the reaches of this project, the Likeness of Love teamed up with Faceless International ( for its maiden voyage to reach out to the children of Calcutta, India. With the help of Faceless, the Likeness of Love was provided with reference photos of the children at Apne Aap to draw from and the within the following months, the portraits were sent to India. They now hang in the school's newly constructed library. In addition to giving students an opportunity to provide global outreach and creating an appreciation of art in our community, the Likeness of Love also raises awareness of the major injustice in the selected country. In Calcutta, the injustice focused on was slavery and sex-trafficking and through school and community publicity, the Likeness of Love created an awareness in the city of the unfortunate and little-known occurrence in India. Another goal of the Likeness of Love has been to inspire similar awareness-raising projects and outreach organizations. To read more about the Likeness of Love, visit:

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