The Mini-Miracles Society

The Problem

What's the best way to change the world? One small act of kindness at a time. It was this belief that drove me to create the "Mini-miracles Society," a community service organization entirely run by teens dedicated to completing one "mini-miracle" a month for those in need. Even the smallest act of kindness can positively impact the world and, by diversifying its projects, the Mini-Miracles Society is able to help a variety of different causes, from environmentalism to fighting poverty. Some of our most recent events include knitting hats for underprivileged infants, raising awareness for Darfur, and organizing a Christmas toy drive for the Santa Barbara Battered Women's Shelter. Throughout the efforts of our members, we were able to knit over 15 handmade, baby-safe hats for infants living in underprivileged areas of the world. In addition, our Christmas toy drive was highly successful, and we were able to collect over 350 toys for children staying at the Santa Barbara Battered Women's Shelter. Not only has the Mini-Miracles society helped changed the lives of those we serve, it has also created a bond between the teenagers involved, resulting in the creation of countless new friendships formed simply by helping others. ------------------------------------------------------------- List of mini-miracles by month: DECEMBER 2006-- Toy drive for the Santa Barbara Battered Women's Shelter. We were able to collect over 350 toys and create 75 presents bags for children staying at the shelter over the holidays. MARCH: Save Darfur. M&Ms members participated in Save Darfur day, and created displays to help raise awareness and offer individuals a collective resource for information on Darfur. JUNE: Knitting Hats for under-privileged infants. Society members taught each other how to knit, using baby safe yarn. Total, we were able to knit 15 hats, which were sent overseas to underprivileged infants in colder areas of the world. JULY: Item Collection for the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission. Total, we were able to collect over 104 towels, sheets, pillows, toiletries, and other various items for the rescue mission AUGUST 2007-- Box Tops for Education Collection. M&Ms members and their families saved the "box top" logos from food items, to later donate to public schools around Santa Barbara. In the end, about 115 box tops were collected and distributed to schools in and out of the district with the most need. SEPTEMBER 2007-- This month we'll help the Santa Barbara Humane Society raise money for new doors in their facility. In addition, we'll help them paint wethered areas of the building, and create a new website for their organization.

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