The One band for all campaign

The Problem

I am trying to save the world we live in. We have destroyed and abused it so far so i am proposing a plan that will hopefully inspire people as individuals to fix it. I am hoping to unite our world. To work together with everyone and forget diversity. I dont care what religion, color,orientation you are or what company or business you own and who your competitors are. Work together with your competitors! Do you know how many people you reach if you do! I am trying to solve the chaos in our world right now; Famine, Genocide, war, global warming, the oil shortage, disease in other countries, Hate crimes. I want our world, our nations to work together. Please join me

Plan of Action

Its organized just how it is said in the believe it section. Right now i am trying to promote the campaign to the world so that everyone knows exactly what it is. I want to do this both on the internet and on a personal level because this will soon effect them on a physical level. I know for a fact that i inspired over 100 hundred people that they can really help do something by getting involved and doing something! Ive changed peoples lives because they realize that we really dont have that much longer before our world breaks out in chaos. This campaign that i am leading is our last effort. it has to work. It will work! It will change everyone's lives with or without their help!

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