The Philadelphia Zoo!

The Problem

A wonderful Zoo! I volunteered for the Children's Zoo, in the Philadelphia Zoo. It allowed others/visitors to come see hands-on animals and to learn about them. There are many different types of animals, so they'd have a variety of animals to choose from. The Barnyard is a personal experience for kids to brush and pet the goats/sheep.

Plan of Action

Starting out, I did it for my graduation project. After my hours were finished I decided to continue because I loved the environment! I loved the people and the animals. All I simply did was watch videos of previous graduation project ideas, and became fascinated with the zoo idea, so I decided to tweak it a bit and volunteer the the Children's Zoo area. Just apply on the site, send them everything required, like letter of recommendations, report card, things like that. They eventually get back to you. The place is great!

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