The Positive Radio Campaign

The Problem

The Positive Radio Campaign is a grassroots campaign designed to bring more social awareness to the negative imaging of African American people in popular culture, specifically music. The reason we focus on radio stations and their playlists is because the radio is the only form of media that is freely available to EVERYONE- including CHILDREN. For example, when you go to the movie theater, there are ratings for each film that keep minors from viewing films that are inappropriate for them. The radio, however, doesn't have such ratings. Radio is open to all, and therefore, has the ability to influences all- especially CHILDREN. The Positive Radio Campaign knows that America is the land of the free and that freedom from censorship is a valued treasure in this society. That said, we also know that each individual has a duty of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY owed to all CHILDREN and TEENS. When we ABUSE FREEDOM OF SPEECH in music and other venues we are telling our KIDS that we value our freedoms over their protection and personal development, in particular our right to listen to DERROGATORY MUSIC over our RESPONSIBILITY to try and PROTECT OUR KIDS from language that is harmful to and inappropriate towards their development. Because of this, we are asking local radio stations to use better judgement in choosing the songs they play. Perhaps growing popularity of CLEANER PLAYLISTS will encourage more artists to create music that uplifts and builds up instead of music that tears down and is inappropriate for the smallest listener. Specifically, we ask that they stop playing music containing lyrics that offend, degrade, and communicate erotic messages. These types of lyrics serve no purpose other than to entertain, while subliminally corrupting society by perpetuating negative stereotypes. They also foster negative examples of cultural identity, particularly influential towards young people. This campaign to clean up the music was created by local college students who are tired of the CULTURAL DENIGRATION of our young people through offensive music and the imagery it provides. We make it our mission to petition everyday people for their opinions of such popular music. By the strength of our numbers and the integrity of our mission, we aim to pressure these radio stations to be more conscious of the effects negative playlists have on young people and to modify their playlists accordingly. We feel it is definitely time for a change and we are stepping up as pioneers to make that change. We hope you will participate in whatever way you can to make that change with us. Your comments, suggestions, advice, support are all appreciated. IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD...IF I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MY BROTHER, WHO WILL BE?

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