The real face of technology

The Problem

The technology has allowed people to complete more tasks, in less time and with less human intellectual or manual labor. This is a way of making life easier. We are in the most technological advanced age, that any point in the history or pre-history. The technology has had profound effects on the lifestyle throughout human history, and as the rate of progress increases, society must deal with both, the good and bad implications. Although it’s more the good implications between the bad, nowadays the bad it’s more increased. Some observers begun to warn about some results of the technology that also they posses destructive and harmful. In the last decades, the number of this negative result has increased and the problems have reached public diffusion. This observers indicated, between other dangers, that the pipes of leak of the cars were contaminating the atmosphere, the world resources were using over the possibilities, pesticides like DDT were threatening the nourishing chain and the mineral residues of a variety of industrial resources were contaminating the reserves of underground water. Relation human-environment The interaction between human and environment, has had irrational character, in many it demonstrate the occurrence of environmental damages in more dimensions. The development of the humanity has passed along an impressive, but broken, and weak spiral to face the big challenges of the future, without considering the environment. The environment deterioration ensued the unjust social established relations; therefore, it’s a problem politic and social which solution demands a new scale of values and a new ethics. The consequences of this social relation with environment are: the cap of stratospheric ozone, the global warning and the climatic associate change and others. Society’s Perspective The technology has affected society and it’s surrounding in a number of ways. In many societies, technology has helped develop more advanced economies. Various implementations of technology influence the values of a society and new technology raises new ethical questions. There was a society movement that involved an opposition to those who believes technology is either value free or beneficial, named it neoluddism. Others movement is of bioconservatism, his opposition consists of the genetic modification of food crops, the cloning and genetic engineering of farm and companion animals. Their more moderate expressions share an opposition to unsafe, unfair, undemocratic form of technological development. A large part of society (see Appendix A), think technology could be a savior, but with confusion. The objective of this project was to prevent the world of what is the real face of the technology. Although has a lot of good results, has too a lot of bad else, and nowadays we are conform with only the results and not take action about what is happening in our beautiful world, the global warning. I'm making a movement named "Our world was crying"(Nuestro Mundo llora) with the principal objective of prevent the world like I maked in the project. This project was esencial because we are making a lot of thing to defy the present but not to defy the future and I'm secure that was more hard that any sucess in the history. I like to make an alliance with others DS clube to make movement with the same objective.

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