The San Diego Center for the Blind

The Problem

The single most important project that I have participated in that has benefited my community is supporting the San Diego Center for the Blind. I entered the Pride of Vista’s Teen Tri City pageant twice and earned the title of Princess the last 2 years. My platform has been helping the blind which has a home just down the street from where I live. I was driven to help the blind from my earliest childhood memories of watching the movie, “The Miracle Worker.”

Plan of Action

I took the initiative on my own to choose my platform for The San Diego Center for the Blind on my own; under the umbrella of the Pride of Vista Lion’s Club International. Although, the scholarship pageant is relatively new, they have for the past 7 years had a category in the pageant called “People’s Choice.” The evening of the pageant friends and family of each contestant donate monies to their favorite contestant. I took this one step further. Upon completion of the required $200 in advertisements to enter our pageant, I solicited money from the start of the pageant training up to the evening of the pageant which is approximately six weeks. Although I am a very posed and charming young lady I was a bit shy at first soliciting funds, but after a while I realized that I had to leave my comfort zone for the goodness of the cause I was supporting. I was creative in several avenues of my solicitation. I sent out a form letter to friends and relatives, naming my cause and also included a self addressed stamped envelope in my letter; making it easy for the recipient to respond. I also “cold called” businesses within the city limits of Vista for donations. I was able to have return contributors donate 2 years in a row as they saw how dedicated I was to The San Diego Center for the Blind and what an outstanding cause I was soliciting for. I took my solicitations one step further and was able to receive $1 to $50 from friends, educators and administrators at Vista High School. In the end I was able to contribute over $2,500 to the San Diego Center for the Blind.

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