The Shiri Foundation

The Problem

The goal of the Shiri Foundation is to find a cure for those who are suffering from osteosarcoma. This disease affects fewer than 1,000 children per year, and because it is so rare, it receives very little funding and has been nicknamed the “orphan disease.” No major advances toward a cure have been made in over 20 years and approximately one-third the number of children diagnosed—about 300—will die each year. Our goal is to assist the fight against osteosarcoma by collecting funds and putting them toward promising research projects. Another purpose of the Shiri Foundation is to educate individuals and communities about osteosarcoma.

Plan of Action

The Shiri Foundation provides outreach to schools, where we discuss the impact of rare cancers. We also organize special events to celebrate the lives of children who are fighting cancer. As an example, we are sponsoring a Spring Prom for cancer-stricken teens who are unable to attend their own high school proms. I spend 80 hours a month operating the Web site, handling donations, arranging meetings, shipping shirts, advertising our outreach programs, and writing press releases.

Project Updates

7/20/07-Since I won the grant, I hosted “A Night in Hollywood” in May 2007 at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood exclusively for local teens with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses that may not have the opportunity to attend their own proms. I reached out to many organizations to find potential attendees. As a result, about 20 teens from WeSpark, Make-A-Wish, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, UCLA, City of Hope, Northridge Hospital, St. Joseph in Burbank and area Ronald McDonald Houses shared a night they will never forget.

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