The Problem

This project titled "The terrific disease" is created to talk about the consenquences of getting HIV\AIDS and how to prevent it. This terrific disease (HIV/AIDS) is killing our younger generation so I and my community decided to come up with this project to educate them on this disease. We have dedicated out time and have contacted an organization called the Centers for Disease and Prevention to come and hold a one month programe talking about the consequences or effects of HIV AIDS and how to prevent it. Whilst this programe is goin on I and my society will get in touch with people affected by this disease so that they could give their testimony on this diesease. I will also make sure the programe will be in a form of a class where every one can attend. This organization is really an expertise in this and will help our youth stay away from this terrific disease. At the end of this programe I will make sure we generate money so that we could give it to infected people with HIV/AIDS. I want sit there whilst the programe is going on. I will walk through and make sure everything goes on succesfully. Our youth and people are dying and suffering because of this disease and I couldn't sit and therefore, decided to come with this project to help our youth run away or know how to prevent this dreadful disease.

Plan of Action

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