The Thirst Project (Clean Water for Developing Communities)

The Problem

1.1 Billion people on our planet do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. (That is one in every six of us.) 4,500 children under the age of 5 die every day as a result of drinking contaminated water. (That's approximately one child every 15 seconds.) Over 80% of all world-wide diseases are easily-preventable, water-borne illnesses. These kill over 2.2 million people each year- more than all worldwide violence combined. Sound daunting? The problem is big, but the solution is easy. As little as $5,000 can build a freshwater well in a developing nation or impoverished community, providing up to 700 litres of clean, safe freshwater an hour to a community of as many as 400 people for 20 or more years! It's time to do something!

Plan of Action

We fund water projects in the field through partnering with other international development agencies and/or independent contractors on the ground in the communities we're helping. When we began, we knew there were already a number of non-profits whose work was to provide solutions to the clean water crisis, so when it came time to decide what made us different, we decided to stick to what we know- people our age. The Thirst Project leads its initiatives with an Education Outreach Program. Through Live, On-Campus Events/Speaking Engagements, we raise awareness on school campuses by showing photos of the problem and the projects we've completed to provide solutions and equipping students to lead their own fundraisers. This reality of the story is so huge, and yet we hadn't heard about it until our last year of college. We asked, "what would we have already done if we'd learned about this four years earlier?" That's how we got where we are. Since then, we've spoken at and had events on over 32 Middle School, High School and College campuses and raised over $290,000 to fund freshwater wells, sanitization and hygiene. We've completed 5 projects in Ethiopia, 3 in Uganda and 1 in Niger, and have raised funds to provide over 34,000 people with safe, clean water! (More projects have been funded and are in the process of completion RIGHT NOW!)

Project Updates


Last night, Thirst Project Founder, Seth Maxwell received the $1,000 Do Something! Grant at an event co-hosted by Variety Magazine. This grant will help The Thirst Project continue to further develop their mission and objectives as they set out to bring safe, clean water to over 1 million people by 2014! Thanks to Do Something! for believing and empowering this work!

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