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I am the Editor-In-Chief of The Wake Student Magazine, at the University of Minnesota. The Wake is an alternative, progressive campus publication that strives to stimulate intelligent discussion of the issues that should matter to students. This year I started a new section called "Mind's Eye." This section is aimed at educating students about relevant science-related topics such as global warming, conservation and sex education. From The Wake's Manifesto: "Boredom, rivers, coffee shops, apathy, discrimination, park benches, Greeks, stoners, athletes, snobs, Abercrombie, Ecko, transit, homeless, police, construction, music, art, alcohol; all of this and more can be found in and around our U. To put it simply, there is a lot going on here. So much, in fact, that it’s hard to understand how one newspaper could possibly deal with all of it…or two, or five, or thirteen. Our generation has quite a bit on our plate right now. Everyday we are confronted with frightening terrorist threats, a war nobody seems to understand and an increasingly doom-laden situation in the Middle East. Disturbing as all this is, even more frightening is a generation that does not seem to care. There’s nothing certain when it comes to how well this newspaper will do. If we get advertising, then we’ll be able to survive. If we don’t get advertising, then we’ll keep publishing until we can’t anymore. In either case, we are going to make the most of this and try to make an impact on campus, conversation and life at the U."

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