There Is Hope Campaign: Barbados

The Problem

We hope to enhance childhood education in English-speaking countries in the Caribbean. We want to the combat the residual effects of colonialism in the Caribbean, by helping children build a positive self-image and understand how social and historical factors shape their circumstances. Our ultimate goal is to help Caribbean children uncover their own sense of agency so that they feel empowered to become the next leaders of their respective communities.

Plan of Action

Each year our There Is Hope Campaign sends student volunteers to travel to an English speaking country in the Caribbean as an alternative spring break trip. Once on the island, volunteers facilitate workshops that incorporate environmental sustainability, promote positive self-image exercises, and expose students to new and different career paths based on their individual interests. While on the island, THC volunteers engage in critical discussions with the island’s educational leaders to learn more about the education system and to encourage more empowering curricula for the students on the island. Thus far, CSA has completed three successful projects in Jamaica (2010), Grenada (2011), and Dominica (2012). And we hope to continue our Campaign with our next project, There Is Hope Campaign: Barbados.

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