The Problem

Determination is defined as the act of settling a purpose. With determination comes motivation. Motivation is different for every individual person. It is a foundation that keeps us moving in the direction we want to go. Some people's motivation is looking at idols such as athletes, scholars, or celebrities. They look at the people they desire to be like and use them as motivation to bring themselves to who they have dreamt themselves to be. Motivation can be personal factors that keep us going because we have no other choice but to succeed at our goals. These might be financial situations, or the desire to live better. They can be friends or family members who have taught us a lesson, or shown us who we want or do not want to be like. Motivation is different for everybody, but without it we would find ourselves in the same place forever. For me my motivation goes by the name of Tiffany. She stands four feet, five inches tall. She has big brown eyes that tell of nothing but innocence and love. She has a heart that knows nothing but joy and compassion. Although so small, and so young, at only seven years old she has the courage and knowledge that looks past malice and evil. She is seven years old and strong enough to find happiness through every circumstance she is faced with. At seven years old, Tiffany has faced more hardship than the average grow adult. At the age of two, she was molested by her biological father along with her brother. She continued to hold her strength. By four years old, she had experienced physical, mental, and emotional abuse. She lived in a house in Oklahoma that had no air conditioning, heating, or running water, but she continued to act as every other child her age. By five years old, she knew the definition of loveless parents, who with her knowledge chose drugs over her and her brother. With her knowledge her parents gave up their rights to her and her brother meaning they would never again see each other, yet Tiffany continued to smile and love others. At five years old, the understanding and knowledge Tiffany held was far beyond belief. She knew of terror that no human being should have to encounter in their lives, yet at five years old she had seen it all. At five years old Tiffany and her brother Christopher became wards of the State of Texas, where they would live from foster home, to foster home until they reached eighteen years old. Tiffany is my cousin. Throughout all her hardships, I watched from the outside with nothing that I could do but love her. Multiple times I would bring Tiffany into my home and watch and raise her the way a child should be. I worked to do all I possibly could to give her love and teach her right from wrong. She loved being with me because it gave her an escape from her reality. In the end I think Tiffany taught me more than I had available to teach her. She taught me that happiness is something we have to create for ourselves, not something that is dependent on our circumstances or the world around us. She taught me that strength is not a physical power, but a knowledge that things could always be worse, and to always think positive and forward rather than back. She taught me that people come and go, but it's how we remember them that matters. She made an impact on my life and truly taught me that there's more to life than our every day situations. Many people look to idols for motivation, but for me I have Tiffany. Tiffany is my inspiration to be the best person I can be. Because of her, I have chosen to major in psychology so that I can gain an understanding to helping children who come from situations like hers. I want to gain awareness to how important childhood is. I want to make a difference in children's lives and ensure their happiness for the future. I want to bring an end to abuse, neglect, and hurt in families and children and I will do anything I possibly can to make that happen for Tiffany. CASA of Collin County has provided care for Tiffany and Christopher. They have given them hope for the future. My goal is to promote the programs they have available and gain awareness for the public of the circumstances going on around us. Children are the future and this organization does everything they can to promote their well being. As a commnunity I want to give back to the organization and hope to strengthen it because the difference we make for them makes a difference in each child under their care. For me this is for my cousins. I don't have the ability to hold them and tell them I love them anymore, so this is my way of showing them I do care. It has now been two years since I have seen Tiffany. She continues under the state's care, but that is the most information I have. I miss her every day and losing her was the hardest thing I have ever faced, but like Tiffany always taught me, people come and go, its how you remember and cherish them that counts. Be part of making a difference for the children in the area that have been victims of neglect and abuse.

Plan of Action

I will raise money for CASA of Collin County which is an organization that brings an end to child abuse and neglect and provides homes for abandoned children.

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