Together We Rise

The Problem

80% of people in the prison system were once in foster care. That number is far too high. Also, 1 in 4 foster children will be homeless after they turn 18. Our goal is to decrease those numbers by as much as we can and encourage the children we come in contact with to pursue their dreams and to never give up even when going through hardships in their life. We want to and have developed long-lasting friendships with kids in foster care as well as children from low-income neighborhoods. By hosting sports camps and music programs, we have provided them with a creative and fun outlet to jump start and stick with their goals in life. Our second goal is to get the youth of the nation involved in their communities. The youth is important because the children in foster care and low-income neighborhoods can connect better with people close in age and stronger relationships can be built.

Plan of Action

Together We Rise was founded by a teenager who was once turned away from volunteering because of his age. This inspired him to create his own non-profit that would not discriminate against young people who wanted to volunteer. He made a few phone calls to his closest friends and after a few meetings, Together We Rise was created. Through our sports camps, music programs, and social networking sites, we have impacted over 300 kids lives and inspired many, many more to help out in any way they can.

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