Tools for School Project (AFRICA)

The Problem

EDucation Care Africa is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious U.S based organization founded in October, 2012. We engage in any lawful charitable act or activities for which corporations under the Not-For Profit Act. Our mission is to promote the delivery and achievement of better education results for children in Africa. Our Goal is to increase school enrollment among African children, maximize retention rates and empower parents to meaningfully participate in children educational endevour

Plan of Action

Our plan is to solicit materials to help us refurbish deplorable classrooms and provide school supplies to Africa kids in primary schools.CHARITY CAUSE TOOLS FOR SCHOOL PROJECT - pencils, crayons,Glue sticks Fiskars scissors,backpacks calculators,School boxes, Ball point pens erasable ,Highlighter-markers,Washable markers,notebook, educational DVDs, hand sanitizer,graphing papers, index cards, pencil sharpeners ENVIROMENT AND LEARNING FRIENDLY PROJECT -Decorating and designing a learning friendly classroom for kids in primary schools.computers, DVDs, Paint, posters, arts and crafts , recreation materials, etc.

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