Treasured Portraits

The Problem

My cousin was hit by a truck a few years ago when crossing the road. She was almost killed. During her recovery, it was hard to look at such a precious and treasured girl confined to a hospital bed, so completely vulnerable. Her parents were by her side every minute. They were worried, stressed, and exhausted. This situation got me thinking. Perhaps there was a way that I could use my artistic ability to give back to my community in a way that would affect those families with injured or ill loved ones confined to hospital beds. The Ronald McDonald House was a good place to bring my idea - and thus, "Treasured Portraits" was born.

Plan of Action

I first created a proposal to bring to the Ronald McDonald House. This consisted of my idea, an example of a portrait I had already painted, and a written commitment to the project. I next met with the Public Relations Coordinator and an associate of the Ronald McDonald House. I showed them my art portfolio and told them of my idea. They were thrilled. I will start meeting families and patients and begin my painting in January.

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