Treats for Troops

Official Project

The Problem

We tried to solve the problems of troops not being able to spend certain holidays with their families due to fighting overseas. Therefore, to show our appreciation to all of these brave and courageous men and women Sandra Day O'Connor High School along with West Wing Elementary collected candy for the troops. We did this since the troops cannot spend the holidays with their families and thought it would mean a lot to them. We will then be donating all the inspected (unopened candy) to Southwest Ambulance which will manufacture and distribute care packages containing the candy to our troops stationed in Afghanistan on Veterans Day November, 11.

Plan of Action

Our plan of action was to get people involved and that is what we did. We encouraged not only our high school, we encouraged a entire elementary school to take part and act and show appreciation to the troops overseas. It was a great success and we not only impacted our peers but elementary students as well to take charge and do whats right and act upon or for a cause.

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