Tree Musketeers

The Problem

 We all dream about a world ruled by young people...Well, Tara Church's non-profit organization, Tree Musketeers, is bringing us one step closer. Tree Musketeers is run entirely by young people – and we’re for real. Kids call the shots, and adults are just there for a little bit of support. How come? Well, the goal of Tree Musketeers (how clever is that name?) is to teach kids how to take action to save the planet. But the idea here is that it’d be much more interesting, fun, and effective if kids were learning from other kids. So Tree Musketeers organizes programs in which kids teach their peers about environmental conservation. It's turn out that putting youth in control isn't just fun, it works: Tara was the youngest Brick award winner in 1996, at age 18. Today, Tree Musketeers is still in existence, and yup, it's still being run by kids! In fact, Tara has passed the organization on to the next generation of youth activists and she now sits on the Board of Directors. Hey, everyone's gotta grow up eventually...

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