Trees and Leaves

The Problem

Trees have been around for many thousands of years. Not everybody knows that trees are an important componant of the earth. They help produce oxygen, while reducing carbon dioxide. They also moderate ground temperatures. I love just driving throuh the countryside, surrounded by trees of all different types and sizes, and to me, nothing is more peaceful. This project isnt about raising money for a specific cause, its about simply helping the environment. Its really easy to help the environment, and you can do so everyday by doing just a number of small things that wont even take up 5 minutes. Start by planting a few trees in your back garden and by recycling items such as paper and disposable coffee cups that you get in McDonalds. As more and more people do this, fewer trees will be cut down.Did you know that if every issue of the New York times for one day was recycled, 75,000 trees would be saved. As you walk along the pavement and you see litter, just pick it up, litter can cause fires and be eaten by animals, and it also wont decompose

Plan of Action

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