Tumaini Youth in Action Group - Eor Ewauso Borehole

The Problem

Many developing countries face tremendous issues surrounding clean and accessible drinking water. 80% of illness in the developing world are linked to water and sanitation projects. These sorts of problems lead to youth (especially girls) being unable to attend school and work towards breaking the cycle of poverty.

Plan of Action

Meaning "hope" in Swahili, Tumaini is a youth in action group that was developed by four highschool students after one of the four returned from a life changing trip to Kenya in 2009 with Free The Children. Tumaini has now engaged over 200 young volunteers on both global and local social justice issues. Last year, Tumaini raised over $10, 000 to build a school in the community of Eor Ewauso, Kenya. Tumaini's new goal, to be completed by 2014 is to raise $100, 000 to build a borehole (clean water project) in the same community.

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