Tunes 4 the Troops


The Problem

I started Tunes 4 the Troops to let the military know that kids like me support them. It dosen't matter if you support the war or not, that isn't what Tunes 4 the Troops is about. It is all about supporting our Troops!

Plan of Action

Getting the word out to the media has allowed thousands of other teens and adults to get involved. It dosen't matter if you support the war or not, Tunes 4 the Troops is ALL about supporting the Troops. Having sent over 350,000 Cd's and DVD's over seas has touches so many lives. Just imagine no music, no TV, or no movies... Tunes 4 the Troops brings entertainment to those so far from home.

Project Updates

Tunes 4 the Troops is now a part of Tennessee Tech University's Service Learning Center! Our goal is to ship over 1,000,000 CD's, DVD's, books on CD, as well as MP3 players, old I-Pods and hand held games (with all attachments) overseas by Christmas 2011.

With the University behind all that we are doing we now have over 2,500 students committed to help achieve this goal.

Tunes 4 the Troops is setting up satellite locations all over the States as well as England and Canada! Schools, colleges, businesses, churches, boy and girl scout units just to list a few of the type of groups that are a part of the Tunes 4 the Troops family!

To date we have sent over 750,000 donated items with a value of over $12 million dollars to troops stationed in combat zones!!!

All it takes is clean out your old entertainment that you don't need any more and send it to;

Tunes 4 the Troops
PO Box 2008
Cleveland, Tennessee 37320

We will get it to a unit serving far from home and you will bring them some much needed entertainment and a chance to relax a bit!

Remember; Tunes 4 the Troops is not about supporting the war and it is not about opposing the war, but it is ALL about supporting the Troops!!!

Tunes 4 the Troops has sent over 417,000 Cd's and DVD's worth over $6 million dollars to the Troops!!!

You can send a box of 150 Cd's and DVD's via media mail to a base in the war zones for only $15.00.

Why not collect your and your friends old CD's and DVD's to send overseas???

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