Turtle Talks

The Problem

Turtle Talks is an eco-literacy project. The program educates youth on the plight of threatened and endangered sea turtles. Turtle Talks has been on going for the past six years.

Plan of Action

The books are given away free with each talk. Over 100,000 copies of his illustrated activity books have been distributed to schools in coastal cities worldwide and are available free online in 4 languages. Many have been sent and taken to counties in the Caribbean. In addition a sister school program for students to share culture, language, and friendship has been established between schools in the states and schools in countries that also have nesting sea turtles. Schools in Costa Rica, Trinidad, and the Bahamas are already matched up with Florida schools. This summer a book on a land tortoises is being edited and illustrated. The book was written this spring on Gopher Tortoises. A species in decline from loss of habitat.

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