Twitch Documentary

Official Project

The Problem

Genetic testing is becoming a huge trend in the United States. More and more people to know their genetic makeup, as well as their risk for inherited disorders or diseases. However, there is a huge emotional toll and danger behind testing for certain diseases without serious consideration. Doctors and health providers also need better training for helping people make decisions in regard to genetic testing. Twitch Documentary aims to expose the truth behind the decision-making process for genetic diseases, using Huntington's disease as the example.

Plan of Action

Twitch Documentary will be released with an educational guide for geneticist training programs, medical schools, and individuals considering genetic testing. This will be distributed through IndieFlix as well as Huntington's disease support groups (as this documentary is focused on this specific disorder). Through thoughtful discussion and action guides, the documentary will foster national conversations and sympathy towards often stigmatized diseases, especially in regards to those at-risk considering testing for the disease.

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