Ultimate Frisbee Middle School League

The Problem

Description: Students will participate in a Toronto-area Ultimate Frisbee league. Ultimate Frisbee is played with a Frisbee, with the aim of scoring in an end zone through a series of short passes. The sport has no referees and thus a very strong emphasis on sportsmanship, honesty and “spirit of the game.” Ultimate Frisbee is an increasingly popular sport, with many high school, university, touring and national teams already well established. A league aimed towards middle school students will help establish regular physical activity patterns and support healthy lifestyles. Objective: This project aims to introduce middle school students to all the positive aspects of Ultimate Frisbee. The three major aims of the program are: to increase physical activity and involvement in sports programs. to promote healthy lifestyles and eating habits. to encourage teamwork and cooperation amongst students. Planning and Method: The students will participate a Toronto-area league, after being coached by their teachers and high school volunteers. They will form a school club and enter a team into the league, whereby they will compete in weekly games and a final tournament against other schools. Playoff winners and the team with the highest “spirit score” (as determined by their opponents after each game) will receive a plaque for display. As some schools have Ultimate Frisbee teams and coaches in place- as a result of small tournaments that taken place in the last few years- we will build upon that foundation to form a junior players league. We expect a participation level of seven schools within the first year. As resources allow, other schools that show interest in the program will be provided with resources to set up their own program. By taking a developmental approach, junior players will be given the opportunity to advance to higher-level leagues, such as a high school team. Assessment Strategy: As they register, schools will be asked to fill out a survey on behalf of their students regarding the average fitness levels of their students, how many participate in sports teams etc. Students will be asked questions regarding their eating habits, the frequency and their enjoyment of physical activity and their value of good sportsmanship. The coaches and students will be surveyed again at the completion of the program and the results will be analyzed to assess the impact of the program.

Plan of Action

Find a Campaign