The Understanding Of Friendship

The Problem

The volunteer service that I provide is performed in many area of San Francisco, California. We as a group help kids and the disable understand the meaning of friendship. The goal is to try and show them how important friendship is. So that one day they will be able to make new friends that may help you in life.

Plan of Action

The process of this production takes long periods of time and practice. My organization may change the thoughts in people’s heads to double-check their actions to see if they are right or wrong. Every year we put on free performances about how to help and how friendship is the most valuable item you could have in life. The point of this exercise is to be able to try and teach them the knowledge through Community Theater. So that they will be able to have access to the information when needed. Certain members of the audience may not have parents there to support them. So we try our best to help them understand the consequences of certain choices.

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