Unity for Immunity

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The Problem

Have you ever visited a family member or a close friend, or anybody in general in the hospital? How many of them were children? How many of those children you visited were in a children’s hospital? How many of them were in a public hospital? How many of the child patients of the children’s hospital were happy to see you come but sad to see you leave? How many more of the child patients of the public hospital were happy to see you come but sad to see you leave? Think about it. A child’s hospital is designed for children. A public hospital is designed for all the needs of the public. Most of the funding of the child’s hospital is beneficial to the children. Most of the funding of the public hospital is beneficial to whatever is most in need, and most likely it’s not the satisfaction of the children. Most public hospitals, if not all, have rooms that are for entertainment purposes, comprising mostly of technology which does not help the brain to function as much. These regular activities only take the attention span so far until you get tired of watching t.v. and playing video games. One of the most common illnesses in hospitals for the child patient is boredom. Glynn County, an area that has been ripped apart from the economic recession, there are very little activities that go toward working with children that have been hospitalized, yet there are many foundations and programs that could benefit the hospital children, but very few that will offer their help because there is no money in their budget, unless they are persuaded by some of our active community leaders. However, most of our leaders have passed on and there are very few left who will carry on the help. Of most of these foundations, the Marty Lyons is the most active but they can’t do it all by themselves.

Plan of Action

I plan on starting an art club that works specifically with the children in the hospital and the Marty Lyons foundation. I also plan on establishing a direct relation with the head of pediatrics in our hospital to allow us to do the program. I want to eventually get to a point to where most of the art activities are daily but to start out with we will have to come only when there are plenty of children in the Pediatric Ward to participate in our activity.

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