Vacation Bible School for the poor in Managua, Nicaragua

The Problem

A group of 17 from my church in Austin went to Managua, Nicaragua in 2007 for a mission trip over spring break (10 days). While we were there, we held a Vacation Bible School for the children who were younger than 5th grade. We reached out to children who were unable to pay for the school's uniforms and had to beg for food. Some families can't afford to send their children to school because they don't have the $4 a month it takes to pay for the education, on top of the few dollars for their child(rens) uniform(s).

Plan of Action

As a result of running a Vacation Bible School for what started out with only 75-100 kids, and at the close of the 4 day "camp" we had over 200 children there. The kids came from the surrounding communities because they heard greengos were there and playing with everyone. Also, they heard that we were handing stuff out (e.g. tooth brushes and tooth paste, shirts the first day, dumdum pops, soap/shampoo, mardi gras beads/necklaces). The children came from far and wide because we were willing to spend a couple hours with them after school or after 'work' and play with them, or just love and hug on them. Something that the children do not always receive at home, but yet is crucial to a healthy child. Without being loved on, the children are deprived of a basic human necessity. We were their to give back to the children something our parents gave us when we were their age, younger, and now older.

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